Washington DC

Washington planning the city.

Masonic symbolism.

checkerboard floor

pyramid curtains with hidden ‘eye’

two globes – celestial and earthly spheres

Laying the cornerstone with Masonic ceremony

George Washington laying the Capitol cornerstone with full Masonic regalia

Washington's masonic apron on display at the Philadelphia Masonic Temple

The White House at the Southern tip of a Pentagram.

The Oval office (feminine) looking out over the Washington Obelisk (masculine).

Many believe that the Owl formed in the landscape around the Capitol represents the Owl of Bohemia

Google map image - Do you see an owl?


Strom Thurmond lays a masonic cornerstone at the 200 year anniversary


Strom Thurmond and the Legend of John Todd.

More Illuminati pedophilia and abuse

it had come out about Strom Thurmond being the highest ranking Mason in the world, and that he was also a member of the voting Board of Regents for the Bob Jones University. Now the first thing that Bob Jones University did was to deny that Thurmond was a Mason. But Thurmond wouldn’t go along with it. He knew he was too well known as being a Mason. So he came out and tried to defend Masonic beliefs that Christians can be that. It blew up on him. And he became so outraged that even though Bob Jones University was always calling me a liar, constantly trying to hurt me; they had to ask him to step down. The lie was not removed. He was only placed to the non-voting board of regents, and., believe me, he still had all of his power.




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