Britney Spears

Britney has been abused since childhood, and by three she was being rented out by her single mom and boyfriend for any odd jobs that a young girl could perform in their Louisiana neighborhood.

By 5 her trauma based dissociative identity disorder (DID) was well developed, and was further reinforced by a public performance of “What Child is This?”

Soon Disney got a hold of her and she soon became one of the biggest money earning sex-slave in human history.

What Child is This? - a common mind control, dissociative, technique used in the MK-Ultra program

Britney Spears - used as a sex object by her Disney handlers since childhood



MK Ultra Mind Control Demonstration – Britney with Diane Sawyer

Britney breaks down when asked about her romance with Justin Timberlake and her attempt to break free of her handlers.

Recalling the trauma ‘triggers’ another personality – one that seems aware, vulnerable, and hurt. Britney then tries to utilize various other ‘triggers’ to regain her ‘slave’ composure.   MK-Slaves are punished when personalities appear at the wrong times and are taught triggers like  “Oh my Goodness”  (from Alice in Wonderland) to cause them to shift into other personalities. 







Father knows best - unfortunately Britney never had a father. Here she is forced to appear in court after an apparant severe sexual assault.

The look of a woman after a severe beating

A trigger to dissociate from the trauma or a sign of the abuse?


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