Disney’s Good Luck Charlie – “Are you going to swallow?”

Disney’s  “Good Luck Charlie” TV Series – Season 2 – Episode 5 – Duncan vs Duncan

Here, for educational purposes under the Fair Use provisions of the U.S. Code,  is the whole disgusting and unedited 34 second clip.

Pedophiles and child abusers are warned that use of any portion of Disney’s instructional videos for training purposes without a proper licensing agreement is prohibited by law.

"I can be bad, I can be VERY Bad. I'm gonna drink milk right out of the carton," she boasts.

I wonder if she's going to swallow?

... it doesn't look like she can - she's just not bad enough yet.

"Are you going to swallow," he asks smugly. Notice the PJ programming reinforcement.

He tells her she can "go spit it out"

Charlie enjoys swallowing. Sometimes whipped cream on a fingertip inserted into a little girl's eager mouth is just that, but at other times it's specially scripted and staged by Disney programmers.

Charlie reaches for another helping. Good Luck Charlie. The eye visible on the chair is often seen as an occult sign signifying the eye of Horos.


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