Disney Kids and Art Linkletter

Putative pervert and pedophile Art Linkletter shares a moment with Donald and Christina Aguilara.

America's favorite babysitter Uncle Art Linkletter and Donald know something about Disney that you don't.

Art Linkletter was abandoned as an infant, adopted and raised by a preacher. He is best remembered for his interviews with children, Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Linkletter’s daughter Diane committed suicide in 1969, allegedly under the influence of LSD (the story that her father maintained). An autopsy revealed no drugs in Diane’s system, but that didn’t stop the “killed by LSD” story, and Linkletter quickly became one of America’s most prominent spokesmen for the War on Drugs. He was appointed to President Nixon’s National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse Prevention.

In his 90s, Linkletter served as National Chairman of USA Next, a group that promotes itself as “the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).” The organization accepted millions of dollars from large pharmaceutical companies, and hired most of the creative crew behind the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.” USA Next purchased ads touting George W. Bush‘s early 2000s changes to the Medicare program.


Would you let your little girl sit on this guy's lap?

This'll just be our little secret, OK?

Christina Aguilara was acquired by Disney after being subjected to traumatic physical and emotional abuse by her father.

Disney has been making millions by prostituting abused young girls like Britney Spears - "I was in my own world, I found out what I'm supposed to do at an early age"



Britney forced to appear in court after a severe beating and rape. Her efforts to break free from her abusive owners have been in vain.

Kids love dancing to the 'tunes' of Britney, Christina, and Lindsay for Disney


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