Lindsay Lohan’s busy itinerary

Many people refuse to believe that Lindsay Lohan is a trauma-based mind controlled sex-slave, preferring to fantasize that she is a 'Mean Girl' star who looks like this.

The real Lindsay - Trauma based mind controlled sex-slave making millions for her owners or independent woman enjoying her success.

Like all little girls, Lindsay just wanted to be loved. She had a long history of abuse even before Disney purchased her.

Lindsay Lohan was born in 1986 in New York – her mother claims to have been a Radio City Rockette – and her dad (and grandpop) was an alcoholic cokehead who made and lost millions in insider trading before being sentenced to jail.

When she was just three daddy’s cute little girl was already being prostituted out for Ford Models, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, and other wholesome American companies – while dad and her other sponsors and abusers made millions.

When she was 11, Disney acquired the rights to Lindsay, and she became one of their most popular and profitable child porn stars and role models for young American girls.

She behaves like a typical trauma based mind-control victim – kept high on drugs or with electroshock in ‘rehab’ while still making millions for her owners by appearing in movies, for advertising, merchandising, as a porn star in the US (channeling MK-Ultra victim Marilyn Monroe), and as a prostitute in foreign countries, where she may even be forced to perform in satanic rituals involving child porn, bestiality, and human sacrifice.

Apparently she is trying to break free of her evil owners, but most people don’t believe in such horrors and prefer to think of her as a ‘Mean Girl’ who robs jewelry stores, takes too many drugs and can’t afford to hire someone to keep an eye on her passport or file her taxes properly.

2007 – May

A week before her May 26th car accident and subsequent DUI arrest, sources are saying that Lindsay Lohan attempted suicide at least twice. One of those times she locked herself in the bathroom with a knife screaming she “just wanted to end it all.”

2007 – June – When Lindsay turned 21, she learned what it really means to be an ‘independent and free woman’ in today’s world.  She tried to kill herself and to explain the horrors that she had been promised if she did not continue her profitable work on their behalf.

She grabbed a knife and started cutting at her wrists. A friend made her stop and went around looking for sharp objects. Lindsay ran into the bathroom with a bottle of Advil.” Crying, “Leave me alone! I just want to die!” Lindsay locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to swallow the entire bottle, says the source. Finally, someone broke down the door and saved the distraught actress from herself!”

…According to a source, Lindsay has been partying hard for weeks. She recently attended the Coachella musical festival, where she was drinking vodka, snorting cocaine and taking downers to sleep, says a source. “Lindsay’s on a reckless road right now,” declares another friend. “We’re all afraid she’s going to end up dead soon.”

If you think I'm just a party girl on drugs, then you're just as responsible as the people that did this to me.


A friend from Lindsay’s inner circle revealed how the star’s mental state has continued to crumble behind the walls of the Promises clinic in California.

“On the first night she couldn’t stop crying. Since then she’s refused to follow the rules and keeps having hissy fits about people,” says the source.

Yesterday was her first visitation day at Promises and sadly, the only person who showed up was her bodyguard. Lohan leapt into his arms, hugging him tightly. Lohan’s parents and siblings didn’t even visit her.

Oct 16 2009 – probation for drunk driving

2o09 – October in Morocco

Working with children's charities in Morocco

Bringing in a little extra cash (for her owners) over the Halloween holiday, Lindsay Lohan attended the grand opening night of the Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida, Morocco on Saturday (October 31).

Joining owners Sol Kerzner and wife Heather, LiLo was among 1,500 guests at the extravagant affair – which included a decor of 100,000 roses, 10,000 candles, 50 horses from El Jadida dressed in the national tbourida costume, more than 300 traditional folk troops and fire breathers.

2010-May : Lohan missed a required court hearing in which the judge was to determine if she has been attending weekly alcohol counseling sessions as ordered. Defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge Lohan was unable to fly back from the Cannes Film Festival in France because she lost her passport.

Lilo’s purse and passport went missing at the Cannes Film Festival while she was hitting a party sponsored by Belvedere vodka, making it impossible for her to get back in time for a court date. She was, at the time, allegedly promoting her now-nixed “Lovelace” portrayal of “Deep Throat” star Linda Lovelace.

2010  – May 24  – blk open dress – black hair

2010 – July  – Court

This week, the Hollywood actress celebrated her 24th birthday in a Beverly Hills court where she was sentenced to 90 days in prison for violating her probation. She had missed too many of the alcohol education classes she’d been ordered to attend following two driving under the influence (DUI) offences.

In her halting, contrite defense, she blamed her schedule and time working with children in Morocco. (Note: the Illuminati often force their sex-slaves to take part in child pornography that includes bestiality and murder)

2011 – Feb 9 – Court Lindsay Lohan arrived at an LA courthouse Wednesday afternoon to be charged with felony grand theft for stealing a $2,500 necklace.  Turns out it was just a scam by the store to sell the surveillance tapes.

2011 – July

Lindsay Lohan tells judge she can’t afford counselling (after arriving at court in $1,200 designer heels)

Embattled actress Lindsay Lohan claimed she was struggling to pay for court-ordered counseling during a routine probation hearing in Los Angeles today.

Judge Stephanie Sautner demanded proof that the Mean Girls star was seeing a psychiatrist as required – however her lawyer  Shaun Chapman Holley told her that she and her client had been unable to find one for financial reasons.

2011 – Oct 19  Court Hearing  – Lindsay’s owners promised her she might end up in the morgue if she didn’t listen, and demanded she be locked up there daily – when she refused she was hauled into court, looking like someone had beaten the shit out of her, and forced to wear a sleeveless dress with her neck wounds covered.  Her fans laughed about her a bad make-up job.


She looks like somebody is trying to put her in the morgue to stay.


Arriving for the trial with clear signs of a beating - forced to wear 'sexy' dress with neck wounds covered?

Probation revoked, Lindsay is taken into custody for a mug shot.

This mugshot take just a few minutes later (just before they decided to release her after all) proves that she had no injuries.



A few days later the ‘Mean Girl” star was forced to pose for Playboy – the media informed us that the greedy Lindsay had refused $750,000 and demanded a million dollars.   Unfortunately because of her wounds the photos were not able to show her face or left arm.






Do you like the Playboy photos? - this is how this poor abused woman really looks.


  December – 2012  – Passport stolen again – hard to keep track of all the foreign countries that Lindsay has been forced to visit to perform “charity work with children.”

Lindsay Lohan has her purse, passport and probation papers back after the bag was stolen from a car parked outside a house party she was attending Saturday in Laie, Hawaii.Lohan, whose trip to Hawaii with sister Ali had been approved by the probation department as a way to avoid publicity around the release of her Playboy photo spread.

January 12, 2012 – Lindsay’s owners try to cheat IRS out of  $94,000


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