Theodore Kaczynski

TheodoreTedKaczynski – victim of CIA mind control

Trauma and  DID (Disociative Identity Disorder)

CIA MK-Ultra victim

At six months of age, Ted had a severe hive infection. He was placed in isolation in a hospital where visitors were not allowed, as doctors were unsure of the cause of the hives. He was treated several times at the hospital over an eight month period. His mother wrote in March 1943, “Baby home from hospital and is healthy but quite unresponsive after his experience.”

Theodore was an child prodigy and testing conducted in the fifth grade determined that he had an IQ of 167.

At the age of 16 the troubled young genius was accepted into Harvard University where the CIA began experiments on him with MK-Ultra mind control and drugs.


David Kaczynski: No. You know, Mom had remembered it because since Ted was only 17* when he went into this research project, parental consent was needed, and Mom remembered getting a form, you know, Harvard College, asking for her permission for Ted to be in this study and Mom said, ‘Gee, I thought Ted’s…. You know, he’s socially awkward, he doesn’t fit in very well. Maybe being exposed to psychologists could be very helpful to him. Well, little did she know that this study wasn’t conducted with his benefit in mind.

Harvard and the making of the Unabomber

The Real Manchurian Candidate began as a student at Harvard in 1959.
His first week, at the tender age of 16, the real Manchurian Candidate met with his soon to be controller, Dr Henry A Murray. Ted would become one of many children indoctrinated, set-up and tormented by the “secret” CIA Mind Control program. While he was the fall guy for many terrorist bombings, his story is not so simple. Not in the least!

Dr. Murray helped found the Boston Psychoanalytic Society, led the Harvard Psychological Clinic, selected agents for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II






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