The Grateful Dead – Hare Krishna and Mantra Rock

Mantra Rock Dance – Avalon

Manifest Destiny – The Spiritual Spark that ignited a revolution in human evolution

On January 29, 1967, the Hare Krishna devotees organized a Mantra Rock concert at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.

The Mantra-Rock Dance featured some of the most prominent Californian rock groups of the time, such as the Grateful Dead[5][6] and Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin,[7] as well as the then relatively unknown Moby Grape.[8][9] The bands agreed to appear with Prabhupada and to perform for free; the proceeds were donated to the local Hare Krishna temple.[3] The participation of countercultural leaders considerably boosted the event’s popularity; among them were the poet Allen Ginsberg, who led the singing of the Hare Krishna mantra onstage along with Prabhupada, and LSD promoters Timothy Leary and Augustus Owsley Stanley III.

Imagine – first hand account of Mantra Rock

The Grateful Dead had been playing together for only a few months and were well known among the local hippies and counterculture leaders.  Read more …

Deadheads became accustomed to the sight of Hare Krishna devotees at Grateful Dead concerts as they chanted and distributed prasadam to the band, backstage crew, and crowd.

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead donated a brand new stove to the Haight-Ashbury Radha-Krishna temple.


Mantra Rock launched the Grateful Dead to international stardom

“Here Comes the Sun” – Allen Ginsberg and the devotees greet Prabhupada at the airport to introduce the world to Hare Krishna and the Grateful Dead at Mantra Rock in January 1967


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